Historic photos courtesy of Dave Friedman, from his book TRANS-AM, The Pony Car Wars 1966-1972.

About Historic Trans Am

We are simply a group of individuals who wish to share our appreciation for the great race series -- the Trans Am -- during its heyday from 1966 to 1972.


"The potential of the Trans Am series was fabulous, in my opinion. It was the very best kind of road racing that I can remember. All of the factories were behind us and we had the best drivers in this country competing. We also raced on all the best natural road circuits in North America and unlike today, we had great fans who could really identify with the cars that were on the track. It's too bad that it all had to go away."

-- Dan Gurney


Dan Gurney, of course, is correct. So we're bringing it back in a friendly way.

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The original race cars from the Trans Am series are painstakingly restored to their original condition, then driven hard, the way they were meant to be.


"The Trans Am was a no-holds-barred, highly competitive series. We had the best American drivers, we ran on the best North American circuits, and we drove cars that were spectacular to watch and that the fans could easily identify with. The Trans Am was the greatest road racing series that has ever been run over here..."


-- Parnelli Jones


And that's still the goal. We're honoring the greatest road racing series ever.